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Edmondson Family

Our family has been attending Calvary Day Care since 2011.  We love the foundation in which the children learn and grow.  The classrooms are clean, colorful and organized...a safe environment that promotes learning and creativity.  The curriculum is a wonderful balance of Christian values and academics.  The staff is truly amazing, the teachers and helpers know every child by name and my boys have fallen in love with every teacher they have had.  As parents, it's not easy to entrust others to care for your children, but we've never had any worries with Calvary Day Care.  Our family has always felt welcomed and is happy to be a part of a wonderful organization.

Cambric Family

My name is Chantelle Cambric and my husband and I enrolled our eldest son at Calvary Day Care in 2001. We were so impressed with the exceptional care and love that Calvary showed our son. In 2005, he graduated and we found out that we were expecting our second child. Our 2ndson began attending Calvary soon thereafter. Once he graduated, we found out that we were having another child. Our 3rd son now attends Calvary Day Care. Calvary Day Care has provided all 3 of my children with a great educational foundation for the past 15 years. The Bible verses, outstanding curriculum and loving teachers and administration have played an intricate part of our sons’ academic and emotional success and stability. I just want to thank all of the people at Calvary Day Care for the support and dedication that they have shown our family over the last 15 years. I trust Calvary Day Care to nurture our children and provide them with their social, emotional, and educational needs. 

Robinson Family

When our son Destin was 2 and a half years old, me and my wife knew that it was time to begin our search for a quality daycare for our son. Like many parents our concerns were quality of school, staff, a safe enviornment, the distance from home, the cost, the overall education, the quality and variety of food, as well as the social and daycare experience.... Not only are we elated that we chose Calvary Day care as our sons first step into his educational and social experience, but Calvary has exceeded our expectations of what a day care experience is all about..... We are honored to be part of the Calvary Day Care family experience, and we will definately continue to recommend other parents to make Calvary Day Care as their first and final choice.

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