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Employment Opportunities



If you are interested in applying for a position at Calvary Academy Day Care Center please call the daycare center to set up a time to come fill out an employment application. Once an employment application is received an interview time and date will be set-up by a director. 

Phone: (708) 333-0796


Employment Nondiscrimination Policy

Calvary Academy does not discriminate in the hiring of its personnel, and continually reaffirms its commitment as an equal opportunity employer. It shall be the company's policy not to discriminate against any employee or job applicant for any unlawful reason, including but not limited to race, color, sex, pregnancy, nationality, ancestry, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, arrest record, sexual harassment in employment, veteran's status, military status and discharge from military service, or genetic information with regard to any employment decision. Calvary Academy is committed to hiring, promoting, transferring and disciplining employees solely on the basis of their ability and qualifications. 

Teacher Assistant Qualifications

-Early Childhood teacher Assistants should have a High School Diploma or an Equivalency Certificate (GED).

-Enjoy working with children 6weeks old through 5 years old. 

-Uphold Christian Values and Principals. 

-Flexibility, Dependability, Teachable Spirit, and a Happy Heart.

Teacher Qualifications

- At least 19 years of age

- Early Childhood teachers should have a High School Diploma or an Equivalency Certificate (GED).

- Uphold Christian Values and Principals. 

- Total of 60 semester credit hours from an accredited college/university with 6 semester credit hours directly related to child care/Early Childhood.

- Experience work with children in a childcare setting

- Flexibility, Dependability, Teachable Spirit, and a Happy Heart. 

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